Planning a Dinner that Rekindles Romance


Romance should always be present in a relationship even if the two of you have already lived together for quite sometime. One of the most effective ways to let your partner feel loved is to prepare a romantic dinner for the two of you to savor together. Food is not just for the stomach. It can also work through the heart especially if it is delicious and presented in an attractive way.

Even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, you can make any day special by preparing a romantic dinner for two. It might require effort and planning, but it is sure to reward you with an evening that you and your loved one can fondly remember through the years.

Here are the steps you need to consider when planning a romantic dinner to rekindle romance:

The Menu

The menu is necessary not only because you need to shop for supplies. This is important because it can take you back in time to when your love affair started to bloom. So before you shop for something to cook, be sure to prepare a menu that’s meaningful and related to your love relationship. Try to recall the dishes that you shared on your past dates and make them the main part of your menu. This will make you bring back the days when your love was new and eager to show.

The Mood

Once you have decided on the menu, you should now work to set the mood. You should be particular of the look and feel of the place of your romantic dinner. Set the room temperature at a comfortable level and light scented candles in several places. This can help to set the mood to a night of romance.

The Table

The table is just a piece of furniture where you eat and drink, but its appearance can help to ignite your mood for a romantic dinner. It should be set in a way that makes the night a special one. Cover it with pastel-colored linens and highlight it with a vase full of flowers as centerpiece.

Emphasize the importance of the occasion by presenting the foods beautifully. Avoid spilling the foods. Pay close attention to food stains that may be left on the rim of serving bowls. Avoid overcooking vegetables and fish.

The Music

Music is one of the elements that can bring you back to the time when you were so in love. Set the tone of your “dinner date” to romantic by playing your favorite music when you were dating. You must be sure that the music is placed in the background. You should not allow it to hinder natural conversation.


The Wine

When choosing wine for the evening, the rule of thumb is to pick one that is most preferred by your partner. It’s not actually necessary to buy an expensive wine to make the affair special. The important thing is to drink the wine that you like. It would be a lot better if you can pair your food with a wine you and your partner both love.

Planning a romantic dinner is like doing some art. It needs inspiration and skills. You should contemplate about it carefully in order to come up with a lovely evening of romance that you will never forget. Spending a romantic evening with your loved one can be made sweeter and more memorable with recipes from food plus online.


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