4 Traditional English Foods You Cannot Forget

There are lots of traditional English foods that are served in London and other cities in England today. These foods are all wonderful and choosing which of them is best for this article really took a lot of time. It’s not hard to find good food in London.

The difficult part is deciding which of them must go first into your taste buds. After a period of contemplation, I have finally come up with four traditional English foods that might tickle your taste. Please read on to know them.


Traditional English Breakfast


For a lot of English nationals, a traditional English breakfast typically includes fried or scrambled eggs, baked beans, bacon, bread fried in  oil, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, black pudding, and fried potatoes. Accompanied by a cup of tea, coffee, or perhaps juice, this meal can surely fill you up.


Pie and mash


This food is the favorite of people living in the East End. It is composed of meat pie, mashed potato and liquor, which is actually a non-alcoholic green juice extracted from parsley. It is mixed with water that is used to cook stewed eels.

Stewed eels are also served alongside pie and mash. Eels are boiled in water and vinegar then left to cool. Once they have cooled, they are ready to serve with chili vinegar.


Fish & Chips


Dubbed as England’s most traditional food, fish and chips is a serious food that has nourished and comforted the British people for hundreds of years. A visit in London can’t be complete without a taste of this food. Although it was believed to have originated from Jewish refugees, the fish and chips is a favorite food of the working class many years back. Now it has become so popular that it is served even in restaurants across London.

Sunday Roast


The Sunday roast or Sunday lunch is believed to have started at a time when wealthy landowners would prepare a hearty meal of meat and potatoes to reward their workers for their labors. It is usually served after church. Presently, the Sunday roast is served with roast beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. It is not just a meal but a feast.

The roast beef is a traditional English food that was served in English feasts since the 18th century.


I have chosen these four English cuisines because of their importance in the English culture. When you happen to visit London or any city in England, you should try at least one traditional English food before you leave. If you wish to cook any one of them for your friends, you can find recipes of these foods at the FoodPlus website.


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