Reasons People Read Food Blogs

Photo Credit: Agnieszka (

Photo Credit: Agnieszka (


In every one of us lives a foodie just waiting to express itself beyond banana cream pie and grilled sea bass. And because social media has stoked the flames of our desires to be heard, we have come up with food blogs, where we can unleash our inner foodie and not worry about being judged for whatever we write and post.

However, writing about food is easier said than done. While people will say that they like your posts, that they seem to get funnier every time they read it, they will quickly come back with a zinger: they think the recipe for your banana bread is wrong and that every recipe posted thereafter seems just like a boring rehash. They were my Nana’s family recipes people! Show some respect…

Food blogs or recipe websites like the food plus website always give people reason to browse about food and great recipes not just because they have a passion for cooking, but also because people are looking for advice on how to live a better life by eating healthier food. While nobody is above searching for a great cupcake recipe every now and then, people are more into finding recipes with the least amount of calories.

Who knew that there were about 500 ways you can disguise chicken and that you can actually make restaurant-quality pasta with whatever’s in your pantry at that particular moment? See, with food blogs, you discover ingenious ways to cook food that has otherwise been prepared over and over again too many times. You discover that there are better ways to eat crab or marinade beef – things you would never have known if you stuck to reading cookbooks.

Also, the ways by which these blogs are written also contributes to their appeal to the masses. Some sites will sound like they were written by your mother and then there are sites that will sound like they were written by your sassy sister. While there are some that will come complete with food safety warnings, particularly about storage and cooking times, they still do it in a way that will keep the reader interested. Of course, I haven’t gotten to the part about the stunning food pictures that simply make my mouth water every time I look at them.

Another great thing about food blogs is that they are not limited to local cuisine. If you wanted to, you could also surf about Indian, Asian, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French and Middle Eastern recipes and find that they are easy to follow especially with the step-by-step videos that accompany them. More to the point, you can hit the “repeat” button if you get lost or forget a step.

So how do you find the best food blogs? Simply follow your taste. Go for blogs that reflect your kitchen or cooking personality or if you like, go beyond the box and look for blogs that seem interesting and try out the recipes you see within, even if they seem to deviate a bit from what you know. The thing about cooking is that you are able to expand your horizons and broaden your taste buds so to speak, to make room for new tastes and flavors. And this alone, makes surfing for food blogs much more interesting.


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