Savoring Sav Blanc, the Distinctively Tasty White Wine


image courtesy of Jill Clardy (

Ask any sommelier and they will tell you: white wines are a fantastic choice. Sav Blanc, one of the more popular whites all over the world, is a common favorite.

This wine from green-skinned grapes tastes what it sounds like. A combination of the French terms “sauvage” which means “wild” and “blanc” which means “white”, it is known to be generally a refreshing variety without the burn you’d expect from richer, fuller bodied wines like the reds. It strikes the balance between the grassy or a taste the fruity and a hint of minerality.

Sauvignon Blanc is a fairly ubiquitous wine variety, as it can be produced virtually any winery in the world, as it can grow in most vineyards everywhere. Sav Blanc varieties from both the old world and the new world have been concocted, making it an impressive white wine that can be tasted and produced anywhere from New York to Australia to New Zealand.

 For many, Sav Blanc is a must-have for common days, and even without a , and not exactly something you’ll grab off your cellar or the wine shop for a very special and unique occasion. A simple picnic, a late-night cold treat, a last-minute dinner party, this is the wine to have. No reason to doubt about how a bottle of Sav Blanc can be best (or not) for any or all seasons; you can enjoy a glass or two alone or with a friend or family or a group of people on winter, spring, summer or fall – or so the song goes.

 Sav blanc is perfect for food pairings, and is considered one of the food friendliest wines around. It is best for cooking, and can perk up recipes for white meats such as pork chops, turkey and chicken, as well as some fish, crab, clams and lobsters. Its unique flavor and pronounced acidity also shine through when added in veggies, pastas and salads.

 For food pairing, sour cheeses and yogurts are also tastier when matched with Sav Blanc. The component called pyrazines gives this wine the green veggie aroma and flavor loved by people who generally enjoy tropical flavors. Like with any white wine (or red), winemaking plays an important part in the taste of Sauvignon Blanc.

 If you love elegant wines and lean toward the old oak taste and dry flavor with a fruity zest, you’ll never go wrong with Sauvignon Blanc. Give it a sip and discover the taste that will take you to the world’s best places to grow this kind of grape and make barrels of.


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