Top Reasons Why Red Wine Rocks


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Wines have been around for ages. Although it hasn’t been too long since this classic beverage became heavily commercialized (in incredible packaging bearing highly eloquent terms), it has been a favorite during the ancient times. Today, it remains a popular choice of drink for events or dinners that are worth a toast.

 There are many different kinds of wine coming from various grape varietals cultured and manufactured all over the world. The most popular choice of wine among enthusiasts and connoisseurs is the red wine – and for all the right reasons.

 Why should you, like the majority of consumers, go for red wines?

 Known for a certain kind of richness that is aptly reflected in their hue, reds contain tannins giving them a distinctively bitter flavor. The moment a drop of red wine touches your tongue, you will immediately feel its depth, complexity and strength in various levels. If you want a drink that is elegant and soothing with a hint of edge, red wines make a great choice.

 Red wines are known for its nutrients and health-benefiting components, with resveratrol being their best claim to fame. This antioxidant found has been found to be good for the heart, particularly in preventing damage to the blood vessel and reducing cholesterol levels. In highly concentrated red wines, the level of resveratrol can do as much as protect the body from certain cancers.

 Red wines are considered the more versatile variety than the other common type, the whites. While most whites are served chilled and enjoyed on a hot day, red wines do not necessarily take up space in the fridge. Red wines are also great for cooking because they are perfect for a lot of meat recipes. A bottle or more are also ubiquitous drinks in many occasions, because it exudes boldness and elegance in a balanced blend.

 While the top choice among drinkers, red wines are also considered an excellent option by collectors. The tannins, which give reds that bitter tang, are also a natural preservative. By comparison, top 5% of all white wines age well, while top 10% of all red wines significantly enhance their taste as they age. Being so, more vintage reds than whites are enjoyed by wine drinkers, because the former is deemed to age better – making it highly distinguished as a collector’s item.

 If you prefer red wines for special occasions and to add to your collection, it is best to go for those of world-class quality. Top-rated wine companies such as Penfolds is hailed for producing the reds of the widest and best product range, consistency and quality.

 Go ahead. Enjoy a glass of red wine today.


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