Getting Started with Wine Appreciation

If you feel out of place every time you attend parties and everyone seems to know a lot about the wine or wines being served, you’re not alone. Not all party-goers, although they seem to know tons of info about vino, are necessarily wine experts. Some may just be pretending to know a lot about the beverage they’re drinking.


If you consider yourself new to wines, get started with the following helpful tips:


Tasting wine


Getting the full range of flavors of a wine is actually an art form itself. Unlike drinking other beverages, you have to take your sweet time when drinking wine. There are no hard and fast rules to follow for it, although there are general rules you can follow.


Before taking a sip, be sure to swirl the liquid inside the glass. This motion releases the different aromas in it. Put your nose inside the glass so you can sniff these aromas. You’ll then take a sip of it, but don’t swallow yet. Let it stay in your mouth for a few seconds and have it roll inside it. Do this if you’re drinking something for the first time. This is a way of fully appreciating the profile of the liquid you’re drinking.


Choosing good bottles


There are those who say that just because something is expensive doesn’t always equate to the item having excellent quality. Wine appreciation, just like most other things, is also subjective. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a good-tasting type for one may be at odds with somebody else’s taste. You have to know how to look at wine labels since they really speak volumes about the liquid inside them. There are tons of resources on the web that can help you determine which bottles are good by just looking at the labels and without having to take a sip.


Knowing the basics


By basics here we mean things like knowing the differences between reds and whites and different varietals. Once you’re past that, you can learn about wine regions, the difference between Old World and New World wines, and even how certain types are fermented. If you develop a passion for this celebrated beverage, you can even start taking trips to vineyards and watch wine expos. You can also learn how to buy wine online so you get good value for your money.


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Once armed with basic and perhaps even some advanced info, you’d then be ready to attend any party or dinner that serve wines and have the confidence in sharing your own take on a type you’re drinking.  



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