Satisfying Your Hunger at Work by Eating Healthy Snacks

With our busy schedules, there are important things that we may tend to overlook not because we want or mean to, but because we just don’t have the time for it. And one of these things is eating healthy food. Sometimes we get so caught up with work, school, and our responsibilities at home (and everything else in between) that food for us means a bite or two of an unhealthy burger and a glass of soda.


Snacks as Solution


If you have a hectic schedule, you may not find the time to eat three meals a day. The solution to that, of course, is as simple as eating healthy snacks. As long as you eat nutritious food for your snacks, you can keep your energy levels going and your mind alert without eating up on your time.



There’s no other better way to battle the hunger pangs you feel between meals than by eating healthy snacks, the kind that have the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. The foods you’ll eat are the types that are low in fat and calories. This means steering clear of foods with lots of sugar like candy bars and soft drink. You have to get those that contain fiber (e.g. whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, and vegetables). Then you can combine them with snacks rich in protein like peanut butter or low-fat yogurt.


Choosing Healthy Snacks


If you’re not familiar which foods fall under the ‘healthy’ category, here’s a quick guide:


·         Don’t fall for ‘all-natural’ labels. Just because it’s called ‘all-natural’ or even ‘pure’ doesn’t always mean it contains nutritious ingredients. If you see a juice drink that’s labeled as ‘all-natural,’ its ‘natural’ ingredient would still be sugar, which is of course high in calories. If you’re getting granola bars, they sure can be a good source of some vitamins and nutrients, but they may also contain a good deal of fat. Before grabbing one, check the ‘Nutrition Facts’ label on the package for its fat content.

·         Be wary of those that claim they are low in fat. When fats are removed or reduced, to make the food still taste good, its sugar content may have been increased. Again, read the ingredients and nutrition information.


Preparing Snacks at Home


If getting healthy snacks is something your work schedule won’t allow, prepare your own healthy snacks yourself and it bring with you to work (you can check out Food Plus TV website for healthy snack recipes). Just make sure you shop for the ingredients during weekends.


Be sure to satisfy your body’s need for food between meals by preparing snacks that are healthy to sustain your energy all day.



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