Helpful Tips when Using Meat for Your Cooking

Food is the one of the most basic needs of man. Without it, we can’t survive. In fact, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs represented by a triangle with several levels, it is part of the most basic needs of any human being. It is right at the bottom of the triangle, which represents the essential needs of man before he can climb up the triangle and reach the other stages.


Preparing the food our family eats also has to be a top priority for any homemaker. From buying food ingredients to storing them to preparing and cooking them all the way until they are served on the table, every aspect has to be properly learned so it’s only good and healthy dishes that are consumed by the family. And when it comes to food ingredients, one of the most basic is meat. You can find below some helpful tips on how to store, prepare and cook them.


How to Store Perishables


Perishable food should be used as soon as possible. If meat, poultry or seafood within two days after they’re bought, they have to be stored in the coldest part of the fridge, and that would be the freezer or the compartment right under it. Some refrigerators have a ‘meat keeper’ storing area, which is where these foods are best stored. Don’t pack these items in tightly with other stuff and make sure you allow air to freely circulate around the package.


Meat Preparation


When preparing meat, since you’ll be holding it with your bare hands, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after handling it. If you’re going to make use of frozen ingredients, be sure to thaw them first. If you need to thaw food quickly, put in a plastic bag, seal it, and immerse it in cold water for about an hour. Alternatively, if you need to cook it immediately, you can put it in a microwave oven and set it to ‘defrost.’


Cooking Meat


The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that a meat thermometer be used when cooking certain meat. For example, research results show that some ground meat may prematurely brown before reaching a safe internal temperature. Here are the safe temperatures for some foods to reach: 160 F for pork, 180 F for whole poultry, 170 F for poultry breasts, and 165 F for ground chicken and turkey. If you’re going to use your microwave for cooking, rotate the dish several times to make sure it’s cooked evenly.


These are some tips you can make use of when you have dishes in mind that you want to serve which include meat as its primary ingredient. You can visit food websites to get easy meat recipes that are healthy.



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