3 Questions For A Smart Commercial Ice Maker Purchase

ImageIt has to be fast and easy ice making if you’re running a restaurant or café. An ice maker is, by all means, a practical and necessary investment. Many types are actually selling in the market. There’s the ice cube maker, the ice tube machine, the ice plate machine, etc. An ice machine is not a small investment, and like any other major equipment in your business, you have to buy wisely. Here is a useful checklist that can guide you in a smart ice maker purchase.

How much ice do you need to produce everyday? Assess the daily need of your café or restaurant. Determine the quantity of ice (on the average) that your business needs to produce during its daily operations. You can then choose the right ice maker according to the capacity of the machine. Give leeway- don’t buy a machine that produces exactly the amount of ice you need, but with a little bit higher productivity.

What type of ice? If you’re managing a restaurant or bar, ice cubes or ice tubes are best for cold drinks. However, if your business requires transporting the ice machine long distance, the better option is to buy an ice block machine

Do you need a cold room for additional storage space? Does your business need a massive amount of ice? i.e, do you need to store more ice for a longer time for use anytime, and in case there’s an urgent/ emergency need for it? You shouldn’t produce ice merely according to your actual need for it. For an extra or plenty storage of ice, buy a cold room.

An ice maker is a major equipment in a food and hospitality business. If you’re a startup entrepreneur, you ought to have sufficient knowledge about the commercial refrigeration makes and brands that produce the best results. A rule of thumb in most enterprises is to “try it before you buy it”. Leasing commercial refrigeration is therefore a clever move. A stainless refrigeration line sounds appealing, you’ve heard good comments and reviews from trusted sources, but you want to be absolutely sure about your purchase. Search online for a commercial refrigeration supplier that leases equipment or leases ice machines with an option to buy. You can save on costs significantly if you lease refrigeration equipment, especially during the early days of your business.


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