Preparing Meals for the Week with the Versatile Chicken

In today’s modern world where many things are done at lightning speed, there’s also the need to prepare food quickly. Sometimes, family members zip in and out of house and don’t have time to grab a quick meal or snack, which, of course, is not a good thing. Everyone needs the energy for all the tasks they do every day, and missing out on a decent meal can take a toll on one’s performance at work or at school.

This really underscores the importance of preparing meals that are easy and quick to do but are still healthy. Of course, you also want variety in the meals you’ll prepare. And when it comes to meat that’s very versatile and can be prepared in a thousand ways (maybe even more), chicken takes the top spot. It can be used in a variety of dishes and can even be used as a substitute for other meats in many recipes. If you browse the web, you’ll find tons of recipes that can last you several lifetimes.

If you have a busy lifestyle, you can have an all-chicken affair for an entire week but still have a variety of dishes to serve. Since you won’t have the time to go the grocery or the supermarket every day, you can just buy at the weekend enough chicken that you can use to cook meals for the 5 working days and store it in your fridge.


If you’re worried that your family will get tired of having the same meat every day, don’t, because you can present this versatile meat in a variety of ways they won’t even notice you’re using chicken every time. For example, if you want to give them hamburger, you can actually use ground chicken as substitute for beef. So what you can do before going to the supermarket to buy chicken is to decide what sort of meals you’re going to prepare for the week so you’ll know exactly which cuts you’ll get and if you want them ground or cut in certain ways.

Your chicken repertoire can include chicken soup, barbecue chicken, chicken casserole, chicken sandwich, creamy chicken crepes, chicken rolls — the list is endless. The only limit to recipes for this versatile meat is your imagination. Just make sure you have all the other ingredients and the spices that will go with your chicken meals.

Go ahead and try all the tasty chicken recipes you can find and make your meal preparation for the work and school week easy.



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