Elderton – The Rise of a Great Australian Wine

Elderton Wines is an Australian wine-making company based in Nariootpa, a major commercial district in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Barossa is known all over the world as one of Australia’s primary grape growers and wine producers.


Founded in 1979 by Neil and Lorraine Ashmead, the company started when the Ashmeads purchased an abandoned Estate vineyard owned by Samuel Elderton Tolley. The couple restored the vineyard, and after three years they were able to produce their first vintage wine.

Their hard work and desire for excellence paid off when the Elderton won the much coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1993. The Jimmy Watson is the most prestigious wine award in Australia, and it propelled the winery to prominence. In 2000 the company won another award at the London International Wines and Spirits Competition, this time for producing the World’s Best Shiraz.

Elderton Wines is now run by the couple’s sons, Cameron and Allister. The company is geared towards the production of excellent wine while helping to sustain the environment. The company’s operations are powered by the largest solar panel installation in Australia.

Today, Elderton is a producer of about 360,000 bottles of wine each year. The majority of these are red wine. Red wine is the company’s greatest product which contributes a great deal to the popularity of Australian red wines.

Here are some of Elderton’s best wine products:

Unoaked Chardonnay

This is a white wine characterized by a taste of fresh citrus and tropical fruits. It also gives off hints of the fantastic aroma of ripe pineapple and melon.

“Friends” Riesling

It is another white wine that possesses granite-like minerality with the classic aromas of lime, talk and honey blossoms. It tastes dry on the palate and it carries the flavor and acidity of lime peel that stays on the finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Elderton Cabernet Sauvignon is a solid dark purple red wine that carries the aroma of chocolate-covered cherries, green olive and pepper. It is smooth on the palate and its flavors resemble cherry, chocolate and spice.

“Friends” Shiraz

This red wine is characterized by the desirable aroma of high-altitude Shiraz that is reminiscent of the berry fruit, spiced cocoa, and leather. It has a supple palate that leaves a juicy yet acidic impression in the mouth.

Elderton Shiraz

This is one of the most aromatic wines Elderton has ever produced. It signifies the scent of cedar chips, mulberry and mocha. It is supple on the palate and it signifies the fruity taste of the juicy berry fruit.

“Ode to Lorraine”

This red wine is a blend of Shiraz and Merlot varietals “the boys” made to surprise their mother Lorraine on her birthday. It is characterized by the aromas of crushed floral notes, berries, and vanilla. Its taste is supple at the beginning but its intensity increases and gives off a flavor that resembles mint, sweet spices and pepper. It’s an elegant pink wine that reveals lots of tannins on the finish.

Elderton Command Single Barossa Shiraz

This is probably the best red wine Elderton has ever produced so far. This is produced from the company’s original Shiraz vines. The Elderton Command denotes the aromas of chocolate, saddle leather, and dried fruit. Its palate shows a combination of minerality, salinity, dark chocolate, espresso and dark fruit. It is one of the best red wines to keep for a great celebration.

These are some of the great wines produced by Elderton. You can avail them online at affordable prices at Elderton at Winemarket.com.au.


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