Exciting Facts About Rose Wine

ImageRose wine is a type of wine that is made from black or red grapes that are crushed. The skins are allowed to mingle with the juice for about two to three days, which result in the pink color of the juice. The skins are then removed after fermentation begins.

Rose wine can be fermented into various forms. These include certain wine types such as sparkling, semi-sparkiling and still, according to Wikipedia.org.

Rose is very refreshing especially if you sip it slowly whilst it’s cold. But while you are busy enjoying the subtle fruity taste of your wine in a clear glass, it is good to take a closer look at rose wines in order to know how it came to be. Here are some exciting facts about rose wine. These can help to let you know better about your favorite beverage:

1. Rose wine originated in France.

You may not know it, but this dainty-colored drink was born in Provence, France. Its existence dates back to 600 B.C. when the ancient Roman traders brought wines to their locality. But it was only in the early to mid 19th century that rose wine-making became a real business.

Today, France is the world’s largest producer of rose wines, although the U.S. and Spain market a version of their own products that are equally delicious and a bit cheaper. In other places such as Australia, You can also find rose wine in WineMarket. It is a virtual store that sells all kinds of wine at affordable prices.

 2. There are other ways to make rose wine.

Crushing red grapes is not the only way to make rose wine. Another way to produce it is to collect freshly-pressed red wine juice from a red wine refinery and allow it to ferment on its own. Rose wine can be a profitable by-product of red wine.

Some people also produce rose wine by mixing red and white wine together. The process works, but this is prohibited in some wine-making regions.

 3. Rose is not a ‘just for the girls’ wine.

Because of its color, rose often gets a reputation of being a ‘girly’ wine. But it is not the case, because even boys can drink it without losing their sexual identity. The color of the wine doesn’t necessarily mean that rose wine is a feminine drink.

4. It is versatile as far as food is concerned.

When it comes to pairing with food, you won’t have a problem with rose wine. It is so flexible you can pair it with an almost endless list of known foods. Rose is compatible with almost any food such as sea foods, red meat, salads, vegetables and spicy foods. Rose wine is also good for all occasions.

Rose wine is a delicate-looking wine. But however fragile it may seem, you still need to drink it in moderation because it’s a wine. For best deals, find rose wine in WineMarket today.


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