Buying Energy-Efficient Cool Rooms



Cool rooms need to offer both optimally cool temperatures as well as energy-efficiency if you are going to be able to serve food fresh and save energy at the same time. With all the talk about saving the environment and conserving energy, even businesses have not been spared from doing their bit to save the planet we live in and make it a better place.


So much concern has been raised about this that even the government has decided to make a law for agencies to purchase products that offer at least 25% energy efficiency, not only to save substantially in operational expenses but also to help prevent pollution. The DOE has even come up with an efficiency recommendation table that applies mostly to reach-in commercial fridges, freezers and cool rooms.


Energy-efficiency is defined as maximizing efforts not to waste energy as this contributes greatly to us being able to stop depending on fossil fuel and harness the power renewable energy sources more. As business establishments use more energy than homes, they benefit the most from saving on operational expenses, especially those who are just starting and need their start-up cash for other important things.


In order to find the best sources for energy-efficient cool rooms, you need to start online. Browsing through the EPA website will yield a list of Energy Star commercial refrigerators and freezers. You can also check the General Services Administration site as well to know where you can start finding what you need. You can also check sites like Premier Sales & Rentals to find affordable cool rooms and freezers that makes sure you operate as efficiently as possible without over spending.


Cool rooms these days are required to meet or exceed certain health and safety standards to help reduce excessive energy consumption. Don’t look at immediate savings but instead, look at the long-term savings buying an energy-efficient cool room can give you. While you may find that you have to shell out a substantial amount initially, it will be paid many times over by the energy savings you get the more you use it.


Energy-efficient cool rooms usually come with an Energy Guide label that tells you how much energy a particular model uses in kilowatt-hours. The smaller the number, the lesser energy it uses. You can also go ahead and look for products that have the Energy Star label on them as this ensures complete energy efficiency, being as Energy Star is a voluntary program of the EPA that was created to help individuals and businesses save money on their energy consumption by way of superior energy efficiency.


You can also check a cool room’s features to make sure you are getting an energy-efficient model. Cool rooms that use wire storage options or shelving options offer more chances of cool and even temperatures. Size is also a significant factor when buying energy-efficient cool rooms as you need to make sure the size is appropriate for the intended use. Having more space than what you need will result in more expenses due to higher energy losses as well as food spoilage since the temperatures are not maintained evenly when there is so much space and few items stored within it.


You may also want to consider manual defrosting systems as they use up only half of the energy you can use up with auto-defrost making it a more energy-efficient choice. Find cool rooms at Premier Sales & Rentals to make sure you are getting what you need and what’s worth your time and money.


If you already have your own cool rooms you can still make them more energy-efficient by making sure you don’t place them too close to the walls or cabinets so air can circulate around the condenser coils. Trapped heat equals more energy consumed. Also, make sure that your cool rooms maintain a temperature between 36 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit to further reduce your energy consumption. Don’t overstock your cool rooms as air needs to circulate. If you need to fill out spaces, fill them with water-filled containers.


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