Catering Service Tips for Large Events

You can’t be faulted for trying to impress wedding guests with a reception worth remembering. It’s one of the best days of anyone’s life after all, and you can’t hold back on the splurge when everything flashes by too fast too soon. It still pays to be prudent with your expenses, though. Practicality applies to any large event, especially if it involves wining and dining your guests after the meetings and ceremonies are through. This being said, I know for a fact that meals make up to half of your events budget, whether you’re planning a dinner party or a corporate event. The cost still varies with the dishes you’ll offer and the portioning you’ll serve, but you’ll have more leeway to economize if you’re accommodating a longer guest list.

photo credit: a.rud.beth via photopin cc

photo credit: a.rud.beth via photopin cc

Let Caterers Do the Dirty Work

Caterers are the lifeblood of corporate events, and you’ll have to choose one with feasible services to offer. This seems easier said than done when you already have a menu in mind, because you’ll trim it down to accommodate the packages and terms your caterer will offer. It’s a challenge to find a caterer who’ll accommodate your wishes and your budget without compromise, but honesty goes a long way; plan your event months in advance so you can grill your shortlist. Caterers accommodate sample tastings of their dishes, and you can evaluate dishes based on quality, freshness, taste, and presentation. This comes in handy if you’re planning plated meals for your gathering.

Terms and Packages

You should ask your caterer about headcount packages. Many set plate limits and servings, usually a hundred persons for large events and twenty to thirty for smaller gatherings. Note that smaller gatherings cost more per plate, especially for course meals. Ask for your caterer’s guaranteed numbers and try to meet the limit.  You’re charged extra if you accommodate fewer people; it’s better to go slightly over budget than to pay for overpriced food no one will consume.

photo credit: boellstiftung via photopin cc

photo credit: boellstiftung via photopin cc

Make Room for Compromise

The selection of dishes determines pricing and servings. Veal, salmon, and tenderloin entrées cost more than chicken, and these are more feasible served as appetizers instead of as main course meals. You can cut the meat or the extra courses; guests won’t mind if you lop of an extra appetizer or dessert if you can serve a sumptuous main course in exchange. Make sure your caterer complies with food preparation and health standards, though. You can also check out the Premier Sales and Rentals homepage for equipment rentals, that’s if you’re planning to have the meals delivered in advance and refrigerated. A lot of things could go wrong during the planning and preparation, and it helps if you’re ready for anything toward on the day of your big event.


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