Some Tips In Choosing The Best Wedding Caterer


photo credit: colonnade via photopin cc

Weddings are among the special events that caterers usually get excited about. Aside from the possibilities of getting more clients, it is also among the best events in terms of profiting. But business aside, one should focus on how to entertain and provide good food to the guests and the hosts. If you’re searching for a wedding catering service, there are many red flags as there are green lights.

Here are some tips to help make your wedding reception a success:

[1]Before you go to a caterer’s office, it is ideal to prepare a list of food variants – from appetizers, main courses, desserts, salads, soups, and beverages. There can be a specific cuisine or a diverse menu if your guests are from different regions and ethnicities. Take note of the number of guests and your budget, so the caterer can give you an idea of how many food items can be on the menu and how much it will cost.

Good catering companies will acknowledge your ideas, but they are quite experienced with what they do especially when it comes to large-scale wedding receptions. The manager may present to you a package deal that is ideal for your budget or he/she can tailor a specific menu depending on your preferences. Wedding catering Sydney is one of the top caterers these days, and they know what works well with all types of events and palates.

photo credit: Humberto Terenziani via photopin cc

photo credit: Humberto Terenziani via photopin cc

[2] Go for a catering company with years of experienced in the business and with proven track record. A newbie caterer can be a good option too, but if it is for a wedding with hundreds of guests and details, don’t settle for a newcomer. You’d want someone who has experience and already knows the ins and outs of catering various events. Not that you’re downgrading the person’s abilities, it’s just not the right time to experiment for both you and the caterer.

[3] It’s okay to consider referrals, but always look for proof or verification that their business is legit. Sometimes, even referred caterers encounter issues and mishaps on a wedding reception; so, it’s better to research and around if the referred company is worth it.

[4] Don’t settle for a ‘cheaper’ reception package versus a worthy choice. Sometimes, couples only see the expense when it comes to choosing a catering company. Your event planner may be able to help you with all of the necessary aspects of your wedding. If she/he knows a great caterer, then it’s worth to have a meeting with the manager to see what they offer. If you have the money to spend, it is still best to consider the more reasonable option and not necessary the cheaper one. Somehow, cheaper may entail low-quality or even food shortage just because you paid less than the usual.

photo credit: wohlford via photopin cc

photo credit: wohlford via photopin cc

Knowing what you want on your wedding day is important in many ways. Having the time to scout and ask for referrals can be of great help on the day itself. As for wedding catering companies, if you want the best reception, it is only imperative to hire the best caterer in town. You can find one of the best wedding catering via Icon Event Catering and see how they can help you have a successful reception as well.


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