Tips For Successfully Catering An Event

photo credit: Guillem Oliver via photopin cc

photo credit: Guillem Oliver via photopin cc

Being in the catering business, it takes a lot of time not only in the preparations, but also in executing the plan during a main event. You may have heard of the negative outcome of a dinner party or a corporate event just because the caterer was late or because the food was really bad. It is always a make or break situation for a caterer if ever something terrible or awesome happens during a catering gig.

One of the most memorable, and perhaps profitable, situations that many caterers enjoy is the satisfaction they see and hear from their clients. Catering a small or large event should be dealt with the same precision and dedication in order to meet the requirements and preferences of your clients. What’s more, if this is for a special occasion, you wouldn’t want your clients to fail in entertaining and feeding their guests. Always put an element of surprise or wow factor to the service and food items that you have for every client, so you can expand your network while also gaining their trust.


Here are some of the basic aspects you can apply to help elevate your catering business and reputation :

[1] Prepare and be prepared

If you’ll talk to the catering pros of today, most of them will tell you that preparedness and having a contingency plan work well for certain events. If you are set to cater for a corporate event of 300 people, you will need more staff to help in the preparations, cooking, and execution.

[2] Variety is important

In the planning phase, you should suggest to your client that diversity is commonplace in an occasion with hundreds of guests around. It is important to provide a diversity of food items, fruits, desserts, salads, and drinks as well. Get to know you clients and the people who will arrive at their events by asking and proposing a menu that’s well-suited for them.

[3]Cleanliness always

The wow factors of many successful caterers are not just reliant on their menus. Truly, you can cook and serve anything to your clients and they won’t complain, but ensuring the food is clean, fresh, and cooked properly are also very critical. You will need to understand the standards such as the health and safety regulations set by the industry in order to be at par with the best caterers and food service businesses in town.

[4] Proper coordination and communication with your staff

One of the best examples here is being commended for having efficient, friendly, professional, and well-groomed staff. In catering Sydney’s business folk, for example, you will need prompt and professional servers and staff in order to meet their demands. People want to relax and have fun during an event, but they are also very observant of everything you do. Having a great team of cooks, servers, and assistants is one of the backbones of many caterers Sydney. But it also takes a lot of work in creating a well-coordinated team. Having proper knowledge in human relations is important especially when managing and communicating with your staff. Reward them for their good work and never take the credit alone when clients applaud your service.

One can learn a lot by following the footsteps of those who have made it and stayed long in the catering business. Icon Event Catering is one of the many caterers in Sydney that never fails to impress clients of all types. What sets them apart is their superb and award-winning menu and service. Click here to know about them.


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