Thresh out the Costs of Your Wedding Reception

You have every reason to splurge at your wedding, but you still have to ensure you have enough left to spend on the aftermath. You’re in for a sobering surprise if you think you can pull off a wedding on a tight budget. There’re just so many loose ends to cover for, so much so that the reception menu is just a small portion of your worries. It’s fortunate that wedding services never go out of business, and you can entrust everything to an events planner, a florist, a limousine company, and a caterer so you can walk down the aisle without wondering if everything pushes through as planned. I’m getting ahead of myself, though; you’ll plan your big day months in advance, so make sure the costs of the small details are accounted for as well.

You can’t afford to have a wedding without appeasing guests with an elaborate reception. Oftentimes, this is the part where you can choke your budget with per-plate meals or specified menu. Aside from the essentials of your reception (centerpieces, the wedding cake, wedding favors), you have to plan the course meals with preferences and finances in mind. Find a caterer with a professional attitude and reasonable rates, and schedule a sit-down to thresh the expense details. Have a set budget and mind and expect to pay more than that as the extra services add up. Course meals are only as elaborate as you want these to be, though, and you can always opt for affordable alternatives to veal or lamb. Fish and chicken are acceptable if you choose the right dish preparation for your entrées.

Buffets give more bang for your buck, and you should consider this option if you want to fully satisfy your guests. Your spread can include affordable and expensive options, from vintage wines to beers, salads, grilled meat, and fruits, you name it. It’ll all depend on the servings; your caterer should give you insider advice on popular dishes and less savory ones. You’ll also serve more people if you time the servings so everyone dines with equal pacing.

There’s more to a catering service than you think, especially if you’re opting for the full package. The wait staff, equipment, edible favors, and even the invites, music, and photography may be handled as part of the service. You can learn more about wedding catering service via Icon Event Catering  if you’re clueless about the details. Think of your reception as your bid farewell to your wedding guests. You don’t really owe anybody anything, but a well-planned reception surely makes an impression for weeks to come.


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