The Benefits of Hiring Spit Roast Caterers

People always love to put on a great barbeque party during summertime. There’s nothing like the smell of roasting meat wafting through the air, making your guests mouths water. Coupled with a good beer or a bottle of your favorite red wine, it can be heaven on earth.

However, what people love most about putting on a barbeque is being able to do some spit roasting so it can really be called a party. Spit roasting is considered one of the best ways to feed a large crowd and the actual roasting of a whole carcass in the old days has become the focal point of the celebrations. These days, with parties almost always done on an informal setting, people’s fascination and interest in spit roasting has increased tenfold. You can read up on more about spit roast catering australia via Iconeventcatering’s website.

Spit roasting is the process of roasting large pieces of meat, like whole legs or whole pieces of small animals over a roaring fire or using rotisserie ovens. The roasting spit is a huge skewer usually made of metal and pushed through the animal and is used to turn the meat slowly for even cooking. For outdoor barbeques, roasting spits are usually made of wood, treated so that they will not burn easily.

Spit roasting can be done in a lot of ways but the most popularly-used method is suspending the meat using a horizontal spit that revolves slowly or a cross spit which is stuck into the ground at a 45 degree angle and requires that the animal be split open before it is impaled on the rod.

When planning for a party that involves spit roasting, it is considered a convenient option to hire spit roast caterers sydney if you want to have a memorable barbeque party. Food and drink is what makes a party come alive and if guests don’t enjoy the food and drink that you serve, it could be the end of your dream to be the ultimate party host. Carefully planning your spit roast menu is important but not easy to do, at least not without the help of expert caterers. As such, you will need to be able to choose which catering company to hire if you want things to go perfectly.

First of all, catering companies always have a full schedule so if you are to make sure you hire the best; you need to be able to confirm one at least 3 months before your party date. When planning special occasions or gatherings, you will need the services of an excellent catering company, with managers and staff who can supply you with all the equipment you need and other extra services that would otherwise cost you more if you had to get each one separately. Hiring professional spit roast caterers sydney is always something you should take advantage of.

It can also be quite a challenge to come up with a memorable spit roast menu, which is just another thing spit roast catering companies are able to do well. A traditional spit roast menu usually consists of a combination of meats, salads and desserts. When you hire the services of a catering company like Icon Event Catering for example, you will be able to choose 3 types of roast meats, from grain-fed beef silverside to a whole poached Atlantic salmon with your choice of condiments. Fresh salads are also a part of the package, with the selections ranging from seafood and vegetable to roasted mixed vegetables, all available for a minimum of 40 guests. Visit Icon Event Catering’s website for more menu options and how to hire their services.

Another great thing about hiring a spit roast catering company is the fact that they have their own suppliers that they can recommend should you find that you need extra tables and chairs or maybe a DJ to provide some music and do double duty as party host. They can also suggest the best party venues if you want to hold your party some other place than home and even provide you with a list of companies that provide affordable but high-quality party decorations. If you want to see just how efficient and effective hiring a catering company can be to ensure a fun and worry-free party, check out Icon Event Catering official website.


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