How to Start on the Right Foot in Your Catering Business

Starting a business involves putting up plenty of capital to procure all the necessary things you need to set it all up. Every seasoned businessman will tell you that profits won’t come in if you don’t keep all your expenses at a minimum, so for this initial capital, you want to make sure you keep it low. The best way is to prioritize: know what you spend now and which ones you can save for later.

When it comes to catering and equipment, you will soon realize you do need some things more than others. Here are some of the catering equipment in Sydney you would have to have before your business can start:

1.       Cold Storage

You will be working with fresh ingredients which will spoil if you don’t keep them stored in the right temperature. Aside from spoilage, which equals to wasting money, you also increase the risk of food poisoning. In the food business, you want to make sure to avoid this risk at all costs, so follow what’s provided in the government’s guidelines of Food and Health Safety.

There are two forms of cold storage: the fridge and the freezer. You need both; the first one is used for perishables you are going to use within a day or two, while the second is for those food that you can save for another day. Sometimes, we stumble upon hard-to-find ingredients, so we seize the blessing and store it in the freezer until we actually need it. The fridge also works for safe thawing of frozen ingredients when it’s time to use them.

2.       Cooking Equipment

This will include the cooking range, an oven, and pots and pans. Aside from choosing brands of renowned quality to ensure that you won’t keep buying or having them repaired, you need to consider the quantity. This will depend on how big a catering service you intend to have. If you are still starting, just buy a few pots and pans and settle for just one double oven with a standard 4-burner hob. If and when you have a catering request that will require more items, that is when you decide if you should buy more or just rent.

3.       Preparation Equipment

These will include small kitchen appliances such as mixer, blender, and the like; cutting boards; tables where to prepare the food; bowls and trays where to put your prepared food before cooking; and other small kitchen equipment. You will have to make a list of these items so you won’t end up buying more than what you need.

4.       Service Wares

You will have to get something to serve the food on. The typical service you should probably invest in are a few mobile hot cupboards or bain-marie, where you can keep food within safe serving temperatures during the whole event. Just buy the appropriate quantity you need and rent the rest when you have an event that will require more.

What’s great about the catering business is that most of the items you need can be rented out. However, rental fees can add up and at the end of the day, it is good money spent on something you can’t keep. So, know what catering equipment Sydney you need and see if you are going to use this item frequently; if so, you would be better off financially if you were to buy it at the very beginning rather than renting it. Always weigh the pros and cons of buying so you won’t have any regrets with the choices you make.


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