Organizing a Social Event for Your Business

If you’re in a business organization that includes performing social responsibilities as part of its objectives, then you have to bring your business closer to those who are directly impacted by your business’s operations. There would be a need for you to walk the talk and not just engage in lip service when it comes to fulfilling whatever your social commitments are. People appreciate organizations more when they see concrete actions and results beyond the rhetoric. Being socially responsible not creates a positive image about your business; it can also eventually lead to higher revenues.

So how do you bring your business closer to the community where it is based? By holding a social event, that’s how. It can be anything from a launching of your own foundation to hosting an event for your organization’s scholars.

Here’s a plan you can follow to pull off that social event for your business:

Set deadlines and timelines – Planning for an event can become complicated if you don’t have a timeline for everything needed for it to be a success. Of course, you need to set realistic goals. Some aspects of the event can turn out to be a disaster when they are rushed. Always have a reasonable time for every aspect to be finished.

Assign point persons – Create different committees to take care of a particular task and make sure someone heads it. Don’t just assign the first person you think of to head a committee. Assess their strengths and interests and make sure they will be put to good use for the task they will be assigned to perform. For example, if you have an artist in your staff, delegate the designing of the invitation to that person.

Get an excellent caterer – There may be some aspects of the event that you wouldn’t be familiar with. So, in the area of corporate catering, be sure to choose a company that doesn’t just provide great food; make sure they also have solid experience in corporate events management so they can handle certain aspects you may not be capable of handling (check corporate catering here).

Organize your guest list carefully – So you’ve pulled off a remarkable event that scored you brownie points with your boss. However, you realized later that you forgot to invite an important guest or stakeholder. This would not only make you feel bad; worse, it may hurt your organization’s standing with that VIP you failed to include on your guest list. Check with your management and staff who ought to be on the list and make sure they get those invites on time.

Whether you’re planning to hold a big event with hundreds of guests or an intimate gathering with only a few select people as guests, the key to making it successful is ensuring that all major and minor details are covered.


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