A Glass of White Wine a Day


Red wine often gets more focus than white wine. Why? It’s because of the compound known as Reservatrol found in the skin of the grapes. It’s this compound that is often seen as the ‘magic cure-all.’ It’s all found in the skin of the grape. This skin makes red wine red. Studies have show that it contains high amount of antioxidants that can help aid in keeping cells healthy and even promote cell regeneration. Although it was proven in lab studies made on mice, there are still no studies that these kinds of things can be effective on humans. Nevertheless, white wine is not far off behind red. The following points showcase the healthy benefits one can get from white wine.

Healthy Doses of Antioxidants

White wine will always be compared with red. In terms of level of antioxidants, various studies have shown that red wins out white. In fact, it was proven that there are more antioxidants present in grape juice than white wine. While this is true, the level of effectiveness in white wine is found to be as significantly effective as red wine. In other words, whether you take red or wine, the effect will still be the same in the protection of cells.

Prevent Diseases

Many studies have shown that wine helps in preventing major diseases. It is noted that they help prevent cancer and lung diseases.  Apart from preventing breast cancer, some studies have shown that moderate drinking helps improve one’s lung health.

Avoid the Hangover

Red wine causes more hangovers than white wine. While the red component of whine is good for the health, it still has some effects on the body. The skin contains congeners than can cause a higher probability of getting hangovers. If you want to avoid this risk and still have a productive day of work, consider opting for white wine. Without congeners, you will still be able to get the healthy benefits of wine without the nasty effects of hangover.

The bottom line:

A glass of white wine dry a day, helps keeps the doctor away and, keeps the hangovers away, too. But, always remember that a glass of white wine contains about 150+ calories so drink moderately.


Start drinking healthy with a glass of white wine each day. Sample some dry white wines at http://www.winemarket.com.au.


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