Why Food Business Owners Should Invest In Ice Machines

There are numerous food storage equipment and supplies that may seem unnecessary at first, but can become a requisite in the long run. Among them are ice machines or ice makers.

The need for ice is constant especially if you own a restaurant, bar, café, or catering service. It is not easy to manually produce ice cubes in your home fridge or just buy them from a retailer if you have regular customers dining in. This is also true for caterers who have a huge clientele. You may have contact persons in the ice plants, but ensuring safety is one of the reasons why there are people in the food business who invest in ice machines.

Producing crystal clear and clean ice cubes can be done easily if you have your own ice maker. These machines now come in smaller sizes compared to the earlier versions. Most of them are compact and can produce five pounds of ice cubes or tubes per hour. You can ensure the cleanliness of your ice cubes by using purified water that can run through the machine non-stop. For a selection of ice makers, you can visit Premier Rentals and choose among their numerous models and brands.

It is frustrating if a restaurant or café or caterer runs out of ice cubes. But if you have your own machine, you can always have a fresh supply whenever you want. And you can be sure of its quality because you can choose between purified or mineral water to use. Sometimes, it seems mundane to think that ice cubes are just around and can be bought easily. But you’ll never know when the wrong timing strikes and you can’t find one of a very hot, summer day and people are piling up at your café to get your best blended drink. You can say goodbye to a few hundred dollars if you can’t provide ice cubes in your drinks and other kitchen needs.

When you are ready to purchase your own ice maker, it is best to check if there’s an Energy Star sticker on the unit. This sticker indicates the energy efficiency of electrical equipment and appliances. The basic rule of thumb is the higher the energy efficiency, or the bolded number on the Energy Star indicator, the better. And of course, you’d want an ice machine with maximum performance and minimum maintenance.

Also, don’t forget to ask the manager if they are offering financial assistance or rent-to-own options for ice makers and other food service equipment. Often times, these companies provide such options to clients who cannot pay in full. There are also rentals of for hire equipment available in some catering equipment providers. Visiting http://premierrentals.com.au/buy-rent-ice-machines.html/ will give you an idea of the latest models available, so you can decide which one is right for your food business and budget.


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