Some Tips In Choosing The Ideal Food Display For Your Business

Marketing your menu to numerous clients doesn’t end on the printed cardboard that you provide on every table. It can also take your business to higher limits if you don’t just rely on your website that showcases your specialties. Marketing what you offer in your buffet, catering service, or self-serve restaurant needs more than just printed paper. It is food that you sell, so let the food do the talking.

Food displays let you showcase your best menu in such a way that people see the actual dishes that you cook and serve daily. However, you will need to choose the best model and size for your specific food business.

For buffet and catering services, the ‘open type’ food displays with burners are the most common. This type has trays for the food selections – from soups, rice, veggies, meat dishes, and pastas. A two-tier with steam table and hot pack food bar may also be added if you are selling other food items in your establishment. You can visit Premier Rentals if you wish to see some of the latest models that most caterers and restaurant owners are investing on.

Hot food displays, on the other hand, are different in such a way that they are designed with or without shelves, and most have storage bins for hot packaged food items such as rotisserie meats. There are also pans or trays for other hot food such as chili and soups. Other hot food displays are protected by glass windows, so the servers are the only ones behind the counter and with access to the food being served. There are also open island types which are accessible to customers, cooks and servers.

Of course, if you have a small deli shop it is ideal to get a smaller food display. You may also check food display cabinets for items that can be stored for a day or two. But if you have a bigger café that serves coffee, pastries, and soups, it is best to get either the island type of the open type food display.

Just a reminder if you have a hot food display or if you’re planning to buy one – you may need to consult the guideline for storing and displaying hot food. There’s a 4-hour/2-hour rule that food retailers should apply and adhere to in order to keep your food items fresh and safe for consumption.


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