Why You Should Invest On Commercial Freezers

The folks who are into the food and restaurant business, investing on expensive kitchen utilities and equipment is one way to ensure that the business is prepared to face the increasing demands. Of course, when there’s a long list of clientele, you will need to support all the aspects of your business starting from the bulk ordering of ingredients and food items.

Among the bigger kitchen equipment that you’ll need are commercial freezers because you will need enough storage for meats, fish, and various food items. You may be tempted to go for the cheaper and smaller cooling units around, but their freezing power and capacity might not be able to reach the standards set by the food and health authorities.

Most of the time, you will need to store highly perishable goods in chillers and refrigerators to keep them fresh for a few days. For cakes, desserts, and vegetables, you can install cool rooms that do not freeze. To can stock these cooling units with various ingredients to keep them for a few days until it is time to use them. Preserves, jams, home-made marinades and sauces, cheeses, and other longer-lasting ingredients can be placed in containers and jarred before placing them in these cooling rooms. You can also organize your food items accordingly by placing racks or shelves inside, and labelling them properly.

How Much For a Cool Room?

Typically, cool rooms with high-power cooling systems are constructed or built within a kitchen facility. Construction alone may cost thousands of dollars, plus the system and shelving for thousands of dollars more. Shelves can be purchased individually around $300-$500 each, while cooling units may range from $3,000 to $8,000 and up.

If you cannot spend for the construction of a cool room, you may go for modular cool rooms that are smaller and can be bought or rented. These units cost around $4,500 and up, depending on the size and capacity. So, if you are just starting out or you have limited budget for a commercial cooling unit, you can choose modular cooling rooms instead. You can check http://premierrentals.com.au if you live in Australia and would like to see some options.

It is no joke to spend on cooling systems and freezers for your growing food service. But it is an essential step to expand your business in order to meet its growing demands as well. You have two options when you have budget constraints – you can either rent from Premier Rentals if you live in Australia or purchase from similar suppliers if you live elsewhere. Check for other payment options such as instalment, credit card, and zero-interest deferred payment schemes in your country/region.


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