The Popularity of Australian Red Wines

Australian red wines are probably one of the most well-known wine products worldwide. Being blessed with soil types ideal for growing vineyards, it’s no wonder almost every state in Australia is a known producer of quality wines. While many wineries are concentrated mostly in the southern regions, it is a known fact that Australia is among the leading providers of wine products in the world, with their wine industry being one of the country’s most lucrative markets. Different climatic and topographical conditions of various states generally affect the kind of wine products produced in that particular region. As it is, different regions in Australia are known for their various wine products. New South Wales and McLaren Vale, for instance, are known for their warm climate that is highly suitable for producing Barbera wine varieties. Cabernet merlot, on the other hand, is a popular product of Southern Australia, most notably the Barossa Valley and the region along Limestone coast. Cabernet sauvignon, known for its great ageless taste, is a known product of the Coonawarra region. Yarra Valley and Barossa Valley are also popular producers of this particular type of red wine.

Red wines get their dark and rich color from black grape varieties. Other types of red wines also use grape varieties of dark colors, such as those deep purple ones and blue-colored grapes. As there is a variety of grapes used for making red wines, different rich aromas and tastes are derived from using these varieties. Red wines are also classified according to the colors that resulted from using different grape types. For instance, there is a dark red type of wine, as well as deep violet and even maroon, among others. Apart from the different types of grapes, the particular color of the grape’s skin is also responsible for the varying color of the red wine product. Nowadays, there are almost half a hundred varieties of red wines available worldwide. You can search online to know more about red wine varieties.

As there is a wide array of red wine varieties, you can also enjoy a wide range of foods to pair with your favorite drink. You can have a drink of merlot along with your favorite brand of chocolate. Its soft and medium-bodied fruity flavor also gets along well with beef and pasta and chicken sauces. Cabernet sauvignon, on the other hand, has a full fruity and semi-tannic flavor, making it ideal for grilled and roasted red meats like beef, lamb, and roasted chicken.

Pinot noir wines are popular for their medium-body strawberry or black cherry taste. Because they particularly have thin taste, this particular wine variety is perfect for mild red meats like duck and ham. You can also take your salmon and tuna dishes along with this wine. You can view this site to know more about Australian red wines and browse through an array of quality wine products online.


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